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June 6th, 2016

Heng Ee High School Gym Club was set up in 2001 by Peter Tan. He has been the chief adviser till today. the gym room is situated next to the Living Skills Room. At present we have 29 students from the morning session and 10 from the afternoon session. The school assigned 4 teacher advisers for this club.

The objectives of this club are to train the students first to have proper diet and also to have the right technique for work out. In addition, the school also employ part time professional gym instructor, Mr Ang from Bodymaster Gym to train and coach the students.

Student will be given a personal gym card to chart their progress. This will enable the students to be more serious and focused with their training. The gym committee will also be trained to assist the coach to guide their peers.

in the gym room, we have 3 bench presses, 1 multi-station, 4 crunches sets, dumbbells, twister set, barbell curl sets, squat set and leg raise set. We hope that there will be sponsors ro refurbish the gym. This will really motivate the students as well as the teachers to come and fully utilize the gym room for our health benefit.

It is mandatory for students to properly attired (gym shorts and t-shirts) during training. Those who failed to bring their training towels will be denied training. Discipline and personal hygiene are strictly upheld by the gym club.

Our gym training is every Wednesday from 3.30pm till 5.30pm. The chairperson will be assigned his committee to prepare the gym room before the training starts. The usual drill will be warming up by running 3 rounds in the field or climbing up Bangunan Wawasan stairs from ground level till 8th floor for 3 rounds. This will also help to improve our cardio.

Finally we hope to organize Mr Heng Ee in 2 years time. We hope that there are more sudents be made aware of the importance of good health through gym training couple with the right mindset of proper eating to great health. “Stay fit and healthy” is the motto of SMJK Heng Ee Gym Club.

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